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About Us

The Fry Law Firm was established by Otto R. Fry, Attorney at Law, in  the year 2000.  It is also a professional corporation formed as Affordable Legal Services, P.A.   The Fry Law Firm is a general practice law firm that services many different practice areas with a focus on Bankruptcy, Chapter 7 in particular, Divorce, Child Custody, and Criminal Defense, along with most general practice areas. Mr. Fry obtained his under graduate degee from the University of Central Arkansas, graduating with a B.S. in Politial Science.  He then went on to obtain his Juris Doctor of Law from the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville.  Mr. Fry has been a solo practitioner since 2000, and has served thousands of clients since his admission to practice in the State of Arkansas since 1998.  Mr. Fry is also licensed to practice law in the State of Oklahoma since 2001. The majority of work handled by the firm involves three general areas, Consumer Bankruptcy, Family Law, and Criminal Defense.  Mr. Fry has personally completed over 1000 Chapter 7 Bankruptcies, 1000 Family Law Cases, which include divorce, child custody, guardianships, and adoptions, and well over 1000 Criminal Cases through assignment from the Arkansas Public Defender's Commission.  Mr. Fry served as an attorney ad litem in Family in Need of Services (FINS) cases for over four years in the juvenile court in Sebastian County, as well as serving as attorney ad litem for juveniles in Dependency Neglect Cases up until 2006.  Mr. Fry is also well versed in Arkansas Probate Matters, Wills, and Decedent's Estates.  Lastly, Mr. Fry handles Civil Trial Litigation, including but not limited to cases for breach of contract, personal injury, product liability. The Fry Law Firm has been open in Faulkner County, Arkansas, since January 1, 2012, and serves any area within one hundred (100 miles of Little Rock. Of

"I have practiced for almost 18 years in the State of Arkansas, and 15 years in the State of Oklahoma, handling every type of case you can imagine.  Experience is the key, and I have seen it all.  I can personally handle most,  if not all of your legal needs, big or small, and I won't nickel and dime you for a five minute phone call.  I am the right attorney for the job, and always at a fair cost to you the client.  Because I work for you, not the other way around."    Otto R. Fry, Attorney at Law