Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

The Fry Law Firm has been serving bankruptcy consumers since 2000.  We have filed and successfully discharged over 750 Chapter 7 cases in the Eastern and Western Districts of Arkansas, as well as the Eastern District of Oklahoma. The bankruptcy system is an integral part of our economy, and but for the ability to get a "fresh start" in bankruptcy, many people would not consider ever borrowing money.  The ability to file bankruptcy is a program created by the federal government through Congress to encourage consumers to borrow money without fear of a way out if the consumer should have a hardship, such as loss of employment, disability, or the death of a spouse.  Some people feel discouraged from filing bankruptcy for fear of shame or embarrasment.  Certainly no one wants to file bankruptcy, but most people in financial hardship simply have no other choice.  And you are not alone.  Would you be suprised to know that Ulysses S. Grant, yes the 18th President of the United States, filed for relief under the Bankruptcy Code.  The beloved Walt Disney as well.  Possibly the greatest writer in American History, Samuel L. Clemens, better known as "Mark Twain" filed bankruptcy.  And to list a few more, Tom Petty, Wayne Newton, Larry King, Thomas Jefferson, Donald Trump, and Johnny Unitas, just to name a few.  These were people with million dollar fortunes who fell into financial difficulty.  If you qualify, filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is a federal statutory right, so don't hesitate the chance to get a fresh start.