Welcome to the Divorce information section.  Unfortunately, often times, things just don't last "till death do us part."  If you find yourself in that unlucky situation, you have come to the right place.  Please check the Frequently Ask Questions sections for general information about divorce, child custody, child support, visitation, and property division.  I will attempt to cover most questions, but in the event that you have a question that we did not cover, simply send an email of your inquiry to frylawyer@hotmail.com, and we will get you an answer asap. Another consideration for divorcees is bankruptcy.  Sometimes divorce and bankruptcy go hand in hand because what was once a two-income household becomes a one-income household after a divorce.  We give discounts for clients needing to file both a divorce and a bankruptcy because often times one spouse gets stuck with all the bills and the other spouse has abandoned their responsibilities, hence one of the main reasons divorce occurs.  In this difficult economy, bankruptcy is often times a persons only relief.  We can help you through this difficult period with a personal touch you just don't get with a lot of law firms.  I look forward to guiding you through this difficult time with ease and efficiency.  - Otto R. Fry